IAS Promotion

Instructional Academic Staff at UW-L have the opportunity to advance through their respective title series ranks via Promotion.

Promotion is a privilege based upon qualifications exceeding established minimal criteria and is recommended by an informed collective peer judgment. All concerned should understand clearly that eligibility status and departmental or office recommendation for promotion does not ensure or imply that recommended promotion will be made.

The minimum time in higher education teaching experience and time in title at UW-L merely represents the necessary experience needed for eligibility for consideration. Promotion decisions will be based solely on the evidence of effective teaching and additional accomplishments at UW-L deemed appropriate for a higher title


Guide to Instructional Academic Staff Promotion - Candidates are best served by thoroughly reviewing the guidelines prior to creating their portfolios.
Appendix A: Faculty Senate Bylaws for the IAS Promotion Committee
Appendix B: Title Series, Rank and Promotion Guidelines
Appendix C: IAS Promotion Committee Rules and Procedures
Appendix D: Instructions for preparing the electronic portfolio
Appendix E: IAS Promotion Forms prepared by Department

Tips from the IAS Promotion Committee

Teaching/PD/Service Measures Worksheets - Review the criteria that IASPC members use to review promotion portfolios. The worksheets reflect a spectrum of potential evidence rather than a checklist of required activities.

Sample IAS and Faculty Portfolios - Examples of successful promotion files for faculty and IAS. IAS are encouraged to review the faculty portfolios as well as the IAS portfolios.

Write about Teaching - Materials and resources for writing ateaching philosophy, assessment reports and syllabi with learning outcomes.

Using Grading to Document Teaching Effectiveness - Resources and samples for including assessment in your teaching portfolio. See handout at bottom of website.

Teaching Portfolio Project - Resources and sample portfolios provided through Teaching Portfolio Workshops.

Review the information that should be included in the Departmental Report
Review the information that should be included in the Dean's Report

Electronic Portfolio (Digital Measures) Documentation - This site contains instructions, FAQs and tutorials for creating an electronic portfolio.
Electronic Portfolio (Digital Measures) Portal

IAS Career Progression Committee