Department Chairs' Information for IAS Promotion

NOTE: NO TAI forms for IAS Promotion.


5.2. Departmental Materials

5.2.1 Department IAS Promotion Committee Report

This section of the report justifies the departmental promotion committee’s decision that, in the context of the department, the candidate’s record warrants promotion. This section consists of separate statements on teaching, professional development/creative activity/scholarship, and/or service. The vote of the committee is reported on the transmittal and signature form, signed by all members of the committee. The scanned PDF of the transmittal and signature form is uploaded and appended to the departmental promtion committee report. The transmittal and signature form template is available on the Human Resources Promotion webpage at and a sample can be found in Appendix E. Once the deadline for transmittal of the portfolio to the Dean’s office has passed, the portfolio is closed and cannot be modified. Teaching
A candidate’s departmental colleagues are in the best position to make accurate judgments as to the quality of instruction in that discipline. The IASPC assumes that a candidate recommended for promotion by a department is regarded as a good teacher within that department. Nonetheless, the IASPC asks the department to evaluate the quality of teaching both in terms of content and method and to provide specific evidence in support of the candidate’s success in securing student interest, effort, and progress.

Examples of such evidence include reports of classroom observation by tenured faculty or senior IAS, comparative results on common or standardized tests, outcomes of departmental assessment activities, and performances or exhibitions by the candidate’s students. Simple testimony that a candidate is believed to be a good teacher, whether from the department chair, chair of the department’s IAS promotion committee, or a mentor, is likely to be greatly discounted without specific corroborating evidence. Classroom visit reports on their own carry less weight than an analysis of the reports that places the observations in context and draws appropriate conclusions. Reports or letters, resulting from classroom visits, may be included by the candidate as part of their portfolio.

This section should put SEI information into context by including, for example: (1) an explanation of how the candidate’s SEI scores compare to others in the department, (2) a comparison of SEI scores for a course with those of department members who teach the same course, (3) an interpretation of the candidate’s SEI scores in general and for specific courses, and (4) an explanation of any trends in those scores. Professional Development, Creative Activity and/or Scholarship
This section should include a statement on the significance of the professional development, creative activity or scholarship within the discipline and the department.  The statement should put this contribution in context of the amount of time devoted to professional development, creative activity and/or scholarship on the IAS Individual Development Plan  (or departmental equivalent).

If the IAS has participated in professional development activities, this section should describe the quality of these activities and how these activities have made a contribution to the advancing the IAS’ program and/or department.  The committee should discuss how the IAS professional development activities were evaluated. 

If the IAS produced creative activity, the committee should discuss how these creative activities are evaluated by the discipline as well as accepted standards for documenting and reporting the results of creative efforts.

If the IAS produced scholarship, this section should discuss the contributions this scholarship has made to the discipline, program, and/or department in relationship to the department’s definition of scholarship.  Acceptance rates for publications should be discussed where this bears on the quality of the scholarship. In cases of multiple authorship, the promotion committee should address the candidate’s role in the performance and reporting of the scholarship. Service
This section of the report should address the quality of service activities and their value to the department, college, university, and profession. Where service is external to the university this section should discuss the role of the candidate’s professional expertise in the success of the service activity.

5.2.2. OPTIONAL: Department Chair’s Recommendation Letter

This letter is optional. However, in departments whose bylaws do not include a process for IAS promotion, it shall be the responsibility of the department chair to provide the required letter of support. If provided it should summarize the candidate’s major accomplishments and include additional comments the department chair may wish to make, i.e., beyond what is contained in the IAS promotion committee report.

ITEMS TO INCLUDE IN THE DEPARTMENTAL RECOMMENDATION LETTER (either department chair's letter or promotion committee letter):
1. Current activities occurring in your department that may affect the IAS candidate (e.g., restructuring, curriculum revisions, etc.)
2. Is there something special/different about your department/unit? (e.g., What is the ESL Institute? What is the Statistical Consulting Center and how is this individual involved?, etc.)
3. Does your department conduct annual merit reviews for instructional academic staff? If so, please discuss the procedure. If not, it is important to mention this in the department's report so the IASPC will know why merit review scores are missing from the candidate's file.
4. Any other information about your department/unit or about the IAS candidate that you feel may be useful to the IASPC as they review the individual's portfolio.

5.2.3. Statistical Information
This section reflects statistical information on the candidate and is conveyed via the department chair. This includes SEI and merit information. Sample forms are included at the end of this document. SEI Information.  The department provides the SEI average (across sections) and ranking for the candidate along with departmental data (such as ranges and averages) for each of the past six semesters.

Note: Library IAS need not provide SEI information. However, it is expected taht library IAS will provide systematic analyses of student learning from their teaching-related activities when applicable.

A sample SEI form can be found in Appendix E. Merit Information.  The department chair provides the merit ranking (or categorization) for the candidate along with departmental data (such as ranges and averages). In addition, the department chair briefly describes the merit evaluation procedure used by the department. If applicable, the relative weighting of teaching, PD/CA/Sch and/or service used in the merit process are included. Any weighting for determining merit scores is explained. If the department does not conduct merit review of IAS, then the method that the department uses for annual review of IAS should be included in this section.

CLICK HERE to download Merit Rating Report

5.2.4 Department’s Statement on IAS Professional Development/Creative Activity/Scholarly Activity

5.2.5 Transmittal and Signature Form from the Department (scanned with original sent to the Dean)

CLICK HERE to download Transmittal and Signature Form



  1. Uploads the promotion materials (in PDF format) at the department level. The department IAS Promotion report should include the following attachments:
    1. Department IAS Promotion committee letter.
    2. Department Chair letter (optional).
    3. Scanned version of the candidate's position description.
    4. Scanned version of the candidate’s most recent IDP.
    5. Department’s Statement on Professional Development, Creative Activity and Scholarly Activity
    6. Description of Department’s SEI and Merit (or other Annual Review) procedures.
    7. Scanned version of the Department Promtion Committee Transmittal & Signature Page.
    8. Statistical Information on the Candidate – SEI and merit rankings vis a vis the department.
  2. Selects “IAS report-Departmental” under run report.
  3. Double-checks that the report contains the appropriate elements from the correct dates. Any materials hyperlinked to this IAS Departmental Report (e.g., Department IAS Promotion Committee letter, IDP, etc.) should be attached in PDF format. The final IAS Departmental Report should then be saved as .html or PDF.
  4. Forwards departmental report, the candidate report, and the original Department Promotion Committee Transmittal & Signature Page to the Dean (cc'd to candidate). The date of the email indicates the receipt of the portfolio.