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IAS Committee
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Career Progression
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IAS Committee FAQ:

Titles Series and Ranks FAQ:

Career Progression FAQ:

    • Can I skip a step in the career progression ladder if I have accumulated the required semesters of service? No. You can only advance one title at a time and cannot skip a step.
    • If I was progressed last year, can I apply for career progression in this fall? No. Once placed into a new title, through re-titling or career progression, you must wait the minimum number of semesters required for the next title before requesting another advancement. For example, if you move from Associate Lecturer to Lecturer, you are not eligible for advancement to Senior Lecturer for 4 semesters.

Mentoring Program FAQ:

New IAS Orientation FAQ:

    • Who can attend IAS Orientation sessions? Although the orientation sessions are geared towards new IAS, anyone is welcome to attend.

Miscellaneous FAQ: