IAS Committee Vision & Guiding Principles

The Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Committee recognizes Instructional Academic Staff as a viable career option in which an IAS colleague is a valued member of the campus community and should be rewarded for his/her accomplishments.  Throughout all of its discussions, the IAS committee will operate under its guiding principle that any IAS policy should not benefit one sector of IAS, while disadvantaging another. 

The recommendations for IAS policies have been, and will continue to be, based on the idea that these policies should:

- be equitable for IAS in all departments in the university
- recognize and reward the unique contributions of IAS to our programs/departments without being
overly prescriptive
- provide a viable career ladder
- be acceptable to IAS and faculty alike
- require IAS participation in the promotion process
- ensure that the IAS promotion process is rigorous, yet achievable
- provide flexibility for departments to customize as they desire.