Mentoring Program

Mentoring for the Success Stories of Today & Tomorrow

The UW-L Instructional Academic Staff Mentoring Program was developed as a result of recommendations to the Faculty Senate in the 2006-07 Instructional Academic Staff Committee final report.

Because the IAS Committee is aware of the benefits of both external (to the department) and internal mentors for IAS, we recommend the following:
- Each new IAS employee should be encouraged to select an initial external mentor.
- The first task of the new mentor should be to review, with his or her mentee, department bylaws and the Faculty Senate guidelines for IAS.
- Once such contact is established, IAS employees are encouraged to continue to seek mentoring from the external mentor, a mentor within the department, or both, based on the individual's needs. Departments are encouraged to support the roll of mentoring in the professional development of IAS employees.

Any instructional academic staff member can be a mentee and any faculty or instructional academic staff member is eligible to become a mentor. The program is designed for both new and continuing instructional academic staff with goals developed to meet individual needs. The application deadline is in September and January, and mentoring continues through the academic year. Within the program, pairs set their own schedules and participate in formal and informal programming.

The Mentoring Program is coordinated by the IAS Liaison, Kerrie Hoar (136 Wittich Hall, 785-6459, Please feel free to contact the IAS Liaison with any questions that you may have regarding this program.