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IMPORTANT!!!! Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Updates

Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Information Session
IAS Successfully Progressed to New Ranks
Fall 2013 Career Progression Deadlines

UWL Instructional Academic Staff Liaison

IMPORTANT!!!! Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Updates

Instructional Academic Staff Career Progression is now Instructional Academic Staff PROMOTION!

If you are planning to apply for promotion, be sure that you are using the most recent copy of the Guide to IAS Promotion, as several changes made in Spring 2013 will take effect for Fall 2013. The most important of these are:

  • The narrative will remain a maximum of 7 pages; however, there is no longer a defined composition of these pages. Each individual may determine how many pages to dedicate to Teaching, Professional Development/Creative Activity/Scholarship and/or Service.
  • Section 5.1.3 as been added. This section details the requirement that IAS who have reassigned time must include documentation.
  • The Titling structure for IAS has been revised.
    • The "Distinguished" title in each series was removed as it was never intended by UW System to be part of IAS career progression. This title is one that can be appointed by a Chancellor, but it is rarely used across UW System.
    • The "Clinical Instructor" title has rarely been utilized at UW-L and has been removed in order to equate the two title series. This also the matches the title structure of faculty.


  • Finally, the changes in title ranks left the qualifications for promotion inequitable between series. Therefore, the semesters in rank have been revised so that the Lecturer and Clinical Professor series are equitable and so that that now match those required for faculty promotion. This will simplify, equate and eliminate the confusion surrounding promotion requirements for Instructional Academic Staff.

The final change will go into effect for Fall 2014. Please be sure that you are fully aware of how you will be affected by this change. If you are eligible for promotion in Fall 2013 under the current eligibility requirements, be sure to discuss with your department chair the pros and cons of applying for promotion now versus waiting for a future deadline.

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Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Information Sessions

Information sessions for IAS who are thinking about promotion have been scheduled for:

Tuesday, September 24 from 2:15 to 3:45pm in WING 102


Wednesday, September 25 from 12:05 to 1:30pm in WING 102

While these sessions are directed toward IAS who are planning to apply for promotion this fall or next, all IAS are welcome to attend.

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IAS Promoted to New Title Ranks

Congratulations to the following Instructional Academic Staff who have been promoted to higher title ranks!

Promoted to Lecturer:
Tanya Cordes (Chemistry)
Kari Emineth (Exercise and Sport Science)
Bethany Pogreba (English as a Second Language)
Terence Smith (Communication Studies)
Diana Tempski (Finance)

Promoted to Senior Lecturer:
Kathleen Dailey (English as a Second Language)
Audrey Mouser Elegbede (Ethnic & Racial Studies)

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Fall 2013 Promotion Application Deadlines

First Friday of December *
(December 6, 2013)
Promotion Portfolio w/ Department Materials attached due to Dean from Department Chair
First Friday of January
(January 3, 2014)
Promotion Portfolio due to Provost Office (D2L Site) from Deans
First Friday of February
(February 7, 2014)
IASPC recommendations due to Provost
Withing 21 days of receiving IASPC Recommendations Provost issues notification letters to all IAS applicants
July 1 of NEXT Academic Year
(July 1, 2014)
New Title takes Effect

*NOTE: Promotion Portfolio is due to Department PRIOR to First Friday of December. Departmental deadlines will vary; therefore, see your department chair for specific departmental deadline.

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UW-L Instructional Academic Staff Liaison

Do you have questions about IAS workload, promotion, mentoring, etc?

Kerrie Hoar (Biology Department) serves as the UWL IAS Liaison.

The responsibilities of the IAS Liaison are:
- working with administrative offices, the IAS committee and individual IAS to ensure good communication;
- establishing, organizing and leading a new IAS orientation session each semester;
- organizing a promotion informational meeting each fall to aid IAS in portfolio preparation and to provide an introduction to the career promotion process;
- organizing the IAS mentoring program;
- maintaining the IAS webpage.

Please contact Kerrie Hoar anytime you have any questions regarding instructional academic staff.

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