University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Faculty Senate
Faculty Representative’s Report
Meeting of Friday, February 28, 2003
1820 Van Hise Hall, UW-Madison

The meeting was convened by Dr. Cora Marrett, the UW System’s Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The day’s discussion was dominated by the Wisconsin State Budget Crisis and issues related to the “Crisis.” (The meeting was held just as chief financial officers from all the campuses were completing an extended set of meetings in Madison to discuss unprecedented budget cuts.)

1. Common Issues of Contention on State Street

Support for teaching versus administration
Education versus training
Staff travel

2. Ideas from Andy Richards, UWS Budget Office.

There is no guarantee that the UW System’s specific request for tuition increases will survive the legislature.

Out-of-state enrollments are down. This presents serious problems for our budget, since out-of-state tuition is very important in terms of revenue generation.


Submitted Georges G. Cravins
UW-La Crosse Faculty Representative, 2002-2003
February 13, 2003