Check-in will occur at your son/daughter's Residence Hall front desk upon your arrival. There will be a welcome packet to pick up with coupons, visitor information and helpful hints about the weekend!

Parking for Family and Friends Weekend will NOT require parking permits. Families and Friends of UW-L Students can park in ANY lot indicated a COMMUTER lot on campus. Residence Hall parking lots will continue to be monitored, and ticketing is possible if you are parking in a Residence Hall lot without a permit. The only exception to the commuter parking lot is for tailgating in lots C2 and C3 on Saturday, October 15. These lots will be closed down for tailgating. VIP parking for these lots is $10. More information can be found in the Tailgating Information below.

Tailgating and college football are virtually synonymous. Many fans spend the rest of the year looking forward to the sights, sounds, and smells of college football Saturdays. At UW-L, we want our fans to have a memorable experience beginning the minute they step foot on our campus. To provide an enjoyable, healthy, and safe environment for students, parents, families, friends, and guests, UW-L has developed the following guidelines for tailgating at Eagle
football games.

General Tailgating Guidelines:
1.   Tailgating is allowed only in designated UW-L parking lots. For the 2011 football season, designated
      tailgating lots are C2 and C3. All regular automobiles may park in these lots for a single-game parking fee
      of $10. Other campus lots remain available, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. See attached 
2.   Oversized vehicles such as RVs and trailers may park in Lots C2 and C3 for $30 but must park in such a way
      as to occupy the fewest number of spaces possible.
3.   Tailgating lots open three hours before kickoff, with stadium gates opening two hours later. Lots close two
      hours after the game’s conclusion.
4.   Individual tailgating is limited to the areas in front of and behind each parking stall. Tailgating may not in
      any way detract from the ability of other fans to access or park in adjoining stalls.
5.   Tents, tables, chairs, games, and other tailgating materials may not be erected or set up in such a way as to
      completely block traffic lanes or prevent emergency access to areas of the parking lot.
6.   The use of tent pegs or similar semi-permanent attachment structures in all UW-L parking lots is prohibited.
7.   Propane and gas grills are permitted. Charcoal, wood burning units, or other open flames are prohibited.
8.   Gas-powered generators are prohibited.
9.   Patrons are requested to clean up their tailgating areas before departing. Trash receptacles are provided.
10. No food, drink, or merchandise may be sold anywhere on campus without prior University approval.
11. All fans using the tailgating lots are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and to be respectful of
      others enjoying the tailgating experience. UW-L Campus Police monitor tailgating lots for underage
      drinking and inappropriate behavior, including abusive or foul language.
12. Violation of any part of this policy is grounds for removal from the parking lots and, potentially, from the
      UW-L campus.

For more information, please see the Eagles Game Day Guide (pdf).