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Financial Aid

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  • Refund options


    Tower One Card and Refunds
    • All financial aid proceeds are applied first to the student’s university bill.
    • If there are funds left over after the bill is paid in full, a refund is created.
    • When a student activates their Tower One Card, they must choose one of three options for the handling of their refund: 
      1. Funds are applied to their Tower One debit account
      2. Funds are transferred to the student’s personal bank (an ACH transfer)
      3. A paper check is mailed to the student (Students choosing this option should be sure to keep their address updated at in order to be certain the paper check is mailed to the correct address)
    • It is important that students activate their Tower One Card when they receive it in order to insure that their refund can be processed.
    • If a parent has taken out a Federal Parent PLUS loan on their student's behalf, they must indicate on the Parent PLUS Loan Request Form whether the student should receive any refund or if the refund should be processed as a paper check and mailed to the parent.