Upcoming Club Activities:

  • Perrot State Park Adopt-a-Trail

    • Geography Club is taking part in the Adopt-a-Trail
      Program at Perrot State Park in Trempealeau, WI. We will be going out twice this year to volunteer our time.

    • Date: Fall 2013, TBD

Past and Future Activities:

·        Geocaching

·        Hixon Forest Hikes and Trail Clean-ups

·        Fall and Spring Geography Club Picnic

·        Campus Clean-up

·        Marsh Hike

·        End of Fall Semester Dinner and Rotary Lights Night

·        End of Spring Semester Dinner

·        Bowling Nights

·        Geography Week Events

·        Earth Week Events

·        State Park Visits

·        National Wildlife Refuge Visit

·        Guest Speakers

·        Involvement Fest 1 & 2

·        Labor Day Carnival

·        Trempealeau Elementary Environmental Awareness Day

And much, much more