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Service and outreach

Upcoming Cuba Trip

Georges CravinsThe Geography and Earth Science Department is offering an exploratory trip to Cuba, led by Dr. Cravins and custom tailored to your interests and studies, both personal and academic.  Students will explore the beautiful old stone city of Havana, see museums, visit caves, but they will be there as global geographers rather than tourists.  As such, students will have the opportunity to meet and establish networks with Cubans – working professionals, professors, and government workers.  Whether your interests lie in cultural studies, social infrastructure, or the environment, Dr. Cravins will work with you to make the trip and its itinerary best serve your specific area of interest.  This trip has the potential to facilitate independent student research, and/or count towards credit.  Tentatively scheduled for January 2015, contact Dr. Cravins for more information and to discuss how this trip can best suit your interests and meet your academic needs. 


Upcoming Kenya Trip

Daniel SambuIn summer of 2014, Dr. Sambu will travel to Kenya to study environmental policies designed at global levels in relation to the local strategies implementing them.  The main focuses of this research are wildlife conservation and water supply development programs.  Kenya is home to rich bio-diversity and suffers from water scarcity, making it an ideal area for studying global initiatives at a local level.  Students interested in being a part of this research are encouraged to contact Dr. Sambu for information on joining him on a 2015 follow-up trip to Kenya. 



The Geography and Earth Science Department is proud to work with and support the UW-La Crosse Vermicomposting project.  Vermicomposting is an innovative method of composting using worms to drastically reduce the amount of food waste on campus.  For more information visit the UW-La Crosse sustainability page.