Lesson modules/plans developed by participating teachers

During the 2010-2011 school year, teachers who participated in this project began implementing the lesson plans they developed in the summer workshops.  The School District of La Crosse graciously allowed participating schools to provide IT support to download the public domain mapping software into their computer labs for use by the teachers and students.  The team of principle investigators want to acknowledge the School District of La Crosse's willingness to partner with the UW-L Department of Geography and Earth Science in such an important educational endeavor.  These lesson modules are available to teachers for download.  Please read the lesson plans carefully, as they will have pertinent information on which dataset files to use.  While most of the datasets used in the Workshops are in the public domain, some (A Birdseye View, in particular) may be purchased from the National Council on Geographic Education (NCGE), the cost of this data CD is $25.

The following are some of the lesson modules developed by teachers who participated in the GeoED Workshops.  Datasets required for these lesson plans can be found on the Datasets link on the left pane.  We will be adding more modules as they become available.