Here at UW-L, we offer our Geography and Earth Science students a chance to further their exploration of study in the discipline with our fully equipped, hands-on, lab facilities.
Our GIS and Geo-techniques labs are fully equipped with the latest hardware and software to enhance student learning. Both labs feature 30 student workstations with the latest GIS and Remote Sensing software as well as other supporting software.
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Our Soils Laboratory functions primarily as a teaching lab, but also supports undergraduate and faculty research projects. In addition, the lab also supports projects carried out by the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center.

The lab is well equipped for carrying out a variety of physical and chemical soil analyses, including particle size, soil texture determinations, bulk density, moisture content, pH, total carbon, organic carbon, carbonates, total nitrogen, organic materials, and magnetic susceptibility.

The lab also has equipment for carrying out field work that includes, manual and powered coring devices, a magnetic susceptibility meter, and a ground conductivity meter.
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map lib Our Map Library boasts a collection of thousands of maps both new and old that cover nearly every area of the globe. All are fully available for student use to help broaden their geographic horizons.

**The Map Library has been relocated to the basement of the Murphy Library room 17.**

weather station Our Meteorology Station currently supports nine different instruments and has the ability to measure solar radiation, net radiation, air temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil heat flux, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, and barometric pressure.

The station is located 43° 48' 58.5" North, and 91° 13' 57.1" West.

The station also has the capability of logging and transmitting data. We hope to use these capabilities to display current weather data on this site in the near future.