Geography and Earth Science Internships

In today's global marketplace, its more important than ever to distinguish yourself from the crowd to maximize your marketability to potential employers to the fullest extent possible. One such way to give yourself that edge is with internships. Internships provide countless benefits to students.

  • It gives students an insiders glimpse into an industry, a company, or a particular occupation.
  • It gives students the chance to discover if the career path they are considering is really the right choice for them.
  • It allows students to take knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it in a workplace setting.
  • It allows students to further their education in their field of choice.
  • It helps students develop the skills they will need to perform jobs with greater efficiency.
  • It allows students the opportunity to establish career networking contacts.
  • It enhances student resumes and portfolios and provides students with the experience employers are looking for.
  • It can be used as college credit putting students that much closer to completing their degree program.
  • May provide a marginal income.
  • May lead to direct job offers or at the very least, give students a head start in their job search.

These are but just a few of the benefits and many reasons students should strongly consider internships as part of their course of study. Here at UW-L, our Geography and Earth Science Department have well established, both formal and informal Cooperative Education Agreements with many local agencies that are involved with research, resource management, and spatial analysis throughout the region. In addition, some students have taken internship opportunities to not only gain valuable career experience, but that would also give them the chance to explore other parts of the country as well.

If an internship opportunity appeals to you, be sure to ask your academic advisor or contact us at for more information.

The following is a list of organizations or agencies our Geography and Earth Science students have chosen to intern at:

Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Weather Service (La Crosse)
National Resources Conservation Service Wind Cave National Park EROS Data Center
Army Corps of Engineers Tahoe National Forest Dairyland Power
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Vernon County Trempealeau County
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Monroe County City of La Crosse Planning Department
Wisconsin Department of Transportation WXOW TV Weather City of Onalaska Planning Department
La Crosse County Land Information Office WKBT TV Weather Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission   Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center