Welcome to the UW-L Chapter of Golden Key!

Our award winning chapter holds regular meetings and performs numerous community service activities. We invite you to explore all the possibilities your Golden Key membership has to offer.

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    • No More General Meetings.  Have a Great Summer!!!

New Officers for 2012-2013!

We just elected our new officers for the upcoming year! Congratulations to all! Check out the list in our new officer lists.

Scholarship Powerpoint
Scholarship Presentation

For those of you who missed the Prospective Member Night,  click here to learn a little more about Golden Key, what we can offer you, and the benefits you have after becoming a member.

Graduation Medallions

Remember you can purchase medallions from Carla Burkhardt to wear at graduation, to display your accomplishments. You may purchase a medallion from Carla in 124 Mitchell Hall for $25. OR if you've been to meetings and have done activities with us, you can get a discount, $.50 off for every meeting and $1 off for every activity (up to $10 off). Please contact Carla Burkhardt at burkhard.carl@uwlax.edu.

Membership Drive

Membership Drive for the Golden Key International Honour Society Qualified Sophomores (min 45 credits), Juniors, Seniors, & Graduate students (with over 9 credits) have been mailed invitations to join the Golden Key International Honour Society. Golden Key invites students in the top 15% of their class; this fall UWL is using a GPA of 3.65 for membership consideration. Golden Key students are active in community service and have a number of scholarship and leadership opportunities.

In addition to the distinctive academic recognition, students enjoy many benefits of membership. For example, exclusive discounts available through Geico, Princeton Review, and Hotels.com, to name a few, off-set the one-time membership fee of $70. Also, students have access to career information through Vault.com and employment opportunities with Golden Key’s corporate partners, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Teach For America, etc.

More information on benefits is available at www.goldenkey.org.

Golden Key International Honour Society

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