Procedures for Thesis and other Document Binding

1. Pick up your thesis (or project report) from the Office of University Graduate Studies (220 Morris Hall) immediately after receiving your final approval letter. Office hours are 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (608-785-8124, The binding process must be completed within 3-4 days after picking up your document from the office.

2. Go to the UW-L Cashier's Office in 121 Graff Main Hall (608-785-8719) and pay for the number of hardbound copies you desire. Currently, each copy costs $10.00. In addition, you must pay $7.00 per copy for postage and handling if you mail to an off-campus address and a $30.00 processing charge.  You must obtain a receipt for this transaction. The receipt will contain your name and the amount for which payment was received. Be sure to keep the receipt; you will need it to provide a copy of this receipt to the Office of University Graduate Studies.

3. Make the desired number of copies for hard binding. Use paper of proper quality, weight, and cotton fiber content. Each copy must be exact. Check all pages for inclusion and proper sequence. The final oral defense page with original signatures must be in the copy required for Murphy Library.

4. Each copy must be placed in a separate 10 X 13 manila envelope. Tape a completed Binding Form to the outside of each envelope. Be sure to have the following information printed on the side (spine) of your bound copies: Full title, your first and last name, and the month (December, May, or August) and year of graduation.

5. Submit the envelopes, with a completed Binding Form taped to each, to the Office of University Graduate Studies (220 Morris Hall). A copy of the receipt obtained from the Cashier's Office (Step #2) must accompany these copies.

6. Complete the Mailing Form for Bound Copies when you submit your envelopes to the Office of University Graduate Studies. Please note that this form is different from the one mentioned in Step #4. This second form contains mailing addresses for any hardbound copies you order beyond the required copies. Assistance with completing these forms can be obtained from 220 Morris Hall-Office of University Graduate Studies (608-785-8124; ).

7. Sit back and relax. The binding process is out of your hands. The binding company routinely picks up UW-L orders on a monthly basis. It takes between 6-8 weeks for the company to return hardbound copies once they leave campus. All copies are sent to UW-L, and extra copies are then mailed to persons indicated by the student. You have sent the PDF copy to Murphy Library.  Be sure to have your thesis course "I" (Incomplete) grade removed from your records. Contact your thesis/project advisor to initiate this process. A Change of Grade form must be completed by your thesis/project advisor, and be processed by your academic Department Chairperson and the Dean's Office.

8. When hardbound copies are returned to campus, the Office of University Graduate Studies sends one copy to Murphy Library and one to your thesis chairperson. Additional hardbound copies ordered by the student will be mailed to the addresses listed on the Mailing Form for Bound Copies (Step #6).  The student must pay postage and handling ($7/copy) for off-campus mailing (Step #2), and students will be billed $12.00 per copy to mail overseas.