Graduate Student Theses

Several UW-La Crosse graduate programs require completion of a thesis or other culminating scholarly project. Students are mentored in the research process by a committee composed of graduate faculty members. When completed, all theses are available in Murphy Library at UW-L.   (return to Research/Thesis Information)

Listed below is a sampling of theses completed in recent semesters.

Thesis Title Student Graduate Program Faculty Advisor
Injury and Violence and the Relationship to Prematurity or Low Birth Weight: A Pilot Study Miller, A Public Health: Community Health Education Keely Rees
Prevalence of the Components of the Female Athlete Triad College Aged Females Davis, J Clinical Exercise Physiology Rebecca Battista
Hip and Knee Positions during the Curling Delivery Kreamer, E ESS: Human Performance Mark Gibson
Characterization of an Unclassified Virus and Survey for its Presence in Wisconsin Bluegill Population Barbknecht, M Biology Michael Hoffman and Becky Lasee
Professional Burnout in School Psychology: Impact of Changing Practices Burns, B School Psychology Robert Dixon
Diagnosis, Prevalence, and Prevention of the Spread of the Parasite Heterosporis in Yellow Perch and other Freshwater Fish in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and in Lake Ontario. Miller, P Biology Mark Sandheinrich


Determining the Binding Partners of PKA in the Axoneme of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Flagella Boateng, L Biology David Howard


Rish Management Practices in High School Athletic Directors Bezdicek, P ESS - Sport Administration David Waters


Physiological effects of Slacklining on Balance and Core Strength Mahaffey, B ESS - Physical Education Teaching Jeff Steffen


Acquiring and Promoting Sibshop Certification as a Direct Competency for Therapeutic Recreation and Child Life Bintzler, A Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation Susan Murray


Nutrient Intake in Female Collegiate Track and Field Athletes Benson, M Clinical Exercise Physiology John Porcari


Effective Strategies Used by Adapted Physical Education (CAPE) Specialists for Transition Planning in Adapted Physical Education (APE) Romero, C Special/Adapted Physical Education Patrick DiRocco



Ornamental Plant Soilas a Reservoir for the Emerging Human Pathogen, Scedosporium Apiospermum Lauer, C Biology Tom Volk


Energy Cost & Relative Intensity of the Kettle Bell Workout Schnettler, C Clinical Exercise Physiology John Porcari
The effects of Plant Invasion on Arbuscular Mycorrihizal Fungi: A Review of how these Community Dynamics are Studies Curland, R Biology

Tom Volk


The Protective Mechanism of Platelet Shape Change in Hibernating Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus Tridecemlineatus) Melin, T Biology Scott Cooper
Effects of a Sports Performance Training Program on Adolescent Athletes Hazuga, R ESS - Human Performance Rebecca Battista
Athletic-Care for Coaches: Providing Appropriate Prevention, Recognition, and Management for Athletic-Related Injuries and Conditiona Fall, S Public Health: Community Health Education Keely Rees
Evaluation of the Physiological Responses to 20-Minute Workout on the Crosse-X Machine Shatzer, J Clinical Exercise Physiology John Porcari
Continuity Planning for Local Public Health Agencies in Northern Wisconsin: Providing Essential Public Health Services after Displacement Garske, G Public Health: Community Health Education Gary Gilmore