Final Thesis Approval and Other Graduation Requirements Related to Students with Theses

 1. Approval by the Office of Graduate Studies

Students are to submit their theses (or other culminating projects* requiring Graduate Studies Director approval and signature) to the Office of University Graduate Studies (220 Morris Hall).  The theses (and project reports*) must include a Editor Communication Record Form which can be obtained by clicking here.  Because of possible revisions, theses (and project reports*) submitted should not be on bond paper, except for the signature page (which already includes all signatures except that of the Graduate Studies Director). All theses (and project reports*) must include the cover page as shown.

If a program permits a thesis to be written in the format of a target journal for publication, the student must submit with his/her thesis a copy of the (1) Instructions to Authors for that journal, and (2) at least one reprint of a recent article from that journal (if possible, it would be preferable to have an entire issue of the journal).  Theses formatted according to a target-journal format must still follow the graduate program thesis guidelines for the title page, signature page, acknowledgments, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, and appendices.

All theses (or project reports*) will be reviewed by an editor.  The editor will pick up theses (or project reports*) and reviews them according to the University guidelines or according to the journal instructions to authors.  The editor will then contact the student and/or advisor about revisions needed.

When the thesis (or project report*) is acceptable, the Graduate Studies Director will (1) sign the signature page and (2) the office of Graduate Studies will contact the student via an email stating that the thesis has received final approval.  The subject line of the memorandum will be Final Approval, Required Document Binding Procedures, and Other Graduation Requirements. At this time a copyright release form must be completed by the student and submitted to Muphy Library ( This release form allows an electronic copy of the thesis to be posted at Minds@UW (and the OregonPDF in Health & Performance as appropriate).

This memorandum is copied to the thesis (or project report) advisor, graduate program director, college dean or the designee and assistant to the dean for the college in which the student is enrolled, Office of University Graduate Studies (file copy), and Office of International Education if the student is an international student.

2. Change of Grade for Thesis Credits

Upon receiving a copy of the memorandum to the student indicating final approval, the thesis (or project report) advisor should process a change of grade form (to change any incomplete grades related to the thesis (or project), e.g., for the 799 thesis course). 

3. Binding and Electronic Copy

Students must submit copies of their theses (or project reports*) to the Office of University Graduate Studies for binding within one week of notification of the approval by the Office of University Graduate Studies. They must also provide a receipt verifying that they have paid for the binding.  Please click here for complete directions for binding.

Upon receiving theses (or project reports*) for binding (including verification of payment for binding), the Office of University Graduate Studies will send an e-mail to the assistant to the dean in the college in which the student is enrolled, thereby verifying that this graduation requirement has been fulfilled.

When submitting a thesis for binding, the student must also submit a PDF copy to Murphy Library with the completed signature page included in the electronic document. If necessary, contact ITS Support (Wing Technology Center, room 103, 785-8774) for assistance in creating this file. The PDF file must be one "continuous" file, i.e., not separate files for each section of the manuscript of signature page. This electronic PDF copy must be sent to For question regarding electronic submission, please contace David Mindel (

Graduate students who would like to scan their signature sheet and insert it into their thesis from a UW-L General Computing Access Lab can follow the directions at  Graduate students should also feel free to attend a Q&A session led by UW-L’s Technology Leadership Cadre (TLC) for additional assistance.  To learn more about TLC Q&A sessions visit

The ITS Support Center offers technical support for UW-L students and can be reached at (608) 785-8774 or  The ITS Support Center will be able to answer student questions regarding Microsoft Office and other supported software, for a list of supported software visit Please note that because scanner units and their software differ greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer the Support Center is not able to support all the different varieties of scanning software and scanners, but we can offer assistance using the scanning utilities built into the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

4. Final Report for Research, Service and Educational Leadership (RSEL) Grants

Students who have received a RSEL grant are required to submit a final report at least two weeks prior to graduation; this is a graduation requirement.  The reporting requirements are relatively simple and can be found at the Graduate Studies website by clicking here. This report is needed to properly assess the value of this Graduate Student Grant Program.

Upon receiving final reports, the Office of University Graduate Studies will send an e-mail to the assistant to the dean in the college in which the student is enrolled, thereby verifying to the assistant to the dean that this graduation requirement has been fulfilled.

5. Final Approval for the Degree

When all requirements for graduation have been fulfilled, the assistant to the dean for the college in which the student is enrolled will send a notification to the Office of Records & Registration, which will then post the degree.


* Project Reports

The Graduate Council approved that all project reports deemed to be appropriate for UW-L library collection must use the project signature page and the project cover page. These reports should be submitted for editorial review in the Office of University Graduate Studies and the student must pay as is done for theses.