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The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs provides administrative oversight to the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects, its Executive Committee, and its chair. The IRB's function is to review research protocols for the use of human subjects in research (funded or non-funded) proposed by faculty, staff and students of UW-L.

The functions of the Research and Sponsored Programs Office, relative to human subject review, include providing certification of approval to sponsors and advising investigators and departments on policies and procedures. A guide and necessary forms for submission of proposals to the IRB are available from the links below. The office is in 220 Morris Hall and can be contacted via phone at 608-785-8124 or email at

Protocols are now submitted electronically to All items of the narrative statement (page 10) must be numbered to correspond to each specific IRB requirement.  Complete instructions are available below in the A Researcher’s Guide for Submission of Protocols – protocols must meet the submission requirements.  Forms with signatures must be scanned and electronically inserted into your submission document.  All materials should be submitted in one continuous Word or PDF file.  Please see page 11 of A Researcher’s Guide for Submission of Protocols for details.


Required Online Training Course

Human Subjects Research-Computer Based Training (CBT) tutorial

IRB Guidelines and Forms

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