UW-La Crosse Foundation Small Grants Program

The UW-L Foundation is dedicated to the enhancement of the learning environment and promotion of the University and its select mission:

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse provides a challenging, dynamic, and diverse learning environment in which the entire university community is fully engaged in supporting student success.  Grounded in the liberal arts, UW-L fosters curiosity and life-long learning through collaboration, innovation, and the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.  Acknowledging and respecting the contributions of all, UW-L is a regional academic and cultural center that prepares students to take their place in a constantly changing world community.

Through its Small Grants Program, the Foundation provides grants for instruction, research, and public service. The Small Grants Program is made possible through gracious donations to the Foundation mainly by alumni, local businesses, matching gift companies and other friends of the University. 

Grant Information and Procedures

Eligibility.  Any member of the university community may apply. Applications from students and/or campus organizations must be endorsed by a UW-L faculty or staff member.

Award Period.  Awards are generally made for one-year periods, beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Multiple-year awards will not be granted.

Note.  In rare instances only, the Foundation might consider “emergency” funding if an exceptional opportunity unexpectedly arises that requires funding outside the normal funding process.

Submission Deadline.  4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 28, 2014.

Submission Process.  Project directors (applicants) must submit one paper copy (with required signatures) to the UW-L Foundation Office (Cleary Alumni & Friends Center) plus one electronic copy of the application (Word format without signatures) as an email attachment to Sara Olson (solson@uwlax.edu).

Encouragement to Seek Other/Additional Funding Sources. The application form asks applicants whether they have applied for other/additional sources of funding for their proposed projects with the encouragement that applicants explore traditional sources of funding before and/or along with Foundation funding.  The following list presents examples of other potential funding sources that applicants might explore to help fund the proposed projects in conjunction with UW-L Foundation funding.  

Amount of awards.  The amount available for the UW-L Foundation Small Grants Program to award may vary from year to year. Application requests for 2012-2013 ranged from $360 to $5,535, and awards ranged from $360 to $3,000.  Some applications were fully funded, whereas others were partially funded.  A list of the grants for 2013-2014 can be found at the following link (Projects Funded).

Funding Priorities.  Benefits to UW-L take many forms.  Criteria considered when reviewing Foundation grant applications include the following:

  • Demonstrates innovation and excitement for furthering the UW-L select mission
  • Supports an institutional priority
  • Encourages future students' interest in UW-L
  • Encourages potential donors' interest in UW-L
  • Impacts a large number of students, staff, and community members
  • Represents a project that would likely result in long-range support for UW-L (i.e., building relationships that could result in creating future donors and/or community collaborations)
  • Supports an innovative idea or project that is seeking seed money for a start-up, pilot, and/or "proof-of-concept"

Please note the following special items regarding Foundation funding.

  • Applications requesting funds for food and beverages are discouraged unless such requests are intrinsically related to the proposed project and are fully explained in the application. 
  • Applications for international travel and requests for stipends for classified staff, academic staff, or faculty members will not be considered.
  • Although there is not a limit to the number of years an applicant can resubmit an application for a previously funded project, preference will be given to new projects 
  • Requests for up to 50 percent of the cost of minor equipment purchases will be considered. 

Application Guidelines

The UW-La Crosse Foundation Small Grant Application may be downloaded from the following link (UW-L Foundation Small Grant Application).  Applications must include the General Application Information and Required Signatures followed by a Proposal Narrative that should include the following parts and should not exceed three pages including the budget narrative.

  • Project objectives
  • Benefits to the University 
  • Relationship between project to the applicant’s field of interest or expertise
  • Methods used to accomplish objectives
  • Evaluation procedure 
  • Budget (including specific costs and a narrative that clearly shows how costs were determined and that costs are directly related to the project methods and objectives) 

UW-L Foundation Grants Review Committee and Review Process

This is a joint committee of Foundation representatives and UW-L faculty and academic staff that acts on behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors.  Its charge is to review the grant applications submitted and to make award recommendations to the Foundation. 

Award Notification and Procedure

Electronic letters of award or denial will be sent to each project director via email shortly after funding decisions are made.  Award letters will include how an account will be established to disburse the grant funds.  Grants are awarded by the UW-L Foundation on a fiscal year basis (July 1 – June 30). 

Acknowledgement of Foundation Support

Grantees are expected to acknowledge UW-La Crosse Foundation support in any reports, publications, and presentations that result from a small grant project.  Likewise, acknowledgement of Foundation support should appear in any program and marketing materials related to a small grant project, e.g., conferences, workshops, performances, presentations, publications and/ or courses that result from Foundation funding.

Final Reports

By accepting an award, the grantee agrees to file a Final Accomplishment Report with the Foundation Office within 90 days of the project ending date.  Final Report Forms are available by clicking here.