Curricular Redesign Grants

Curricular Redesign Grants support groups of instructors to develop or redesign and implement curricula and teaching practices in academic programs.  The grants fund projects that

  • develop and implement new courses or programs
  • redesign and implement existing courses or programs
  • develop, redesign, and implement course materials
  • develop and implement new teaching practices among a group of instructors
  • establish discipline-based programs to support student achievement

Priority will be given to projects that go above and beyond normal curriculum development, course updates, and minor revisions. Projects should include design, assessment, and further improvement of curriculum and teaching practices.


  • First Friday in February to your dean for initial review and feedback.  For 2014:  February 7th.
  • Third Friday in February the final proposal (Digital Measures report) to  For 2014: February 21st.

Spring 2014 Information:

The short video below describes the process for submitting UW-L grants.

Please contact Bill Cerbin if you have any questions at 608-785-6881 or