Visiting Scholar / Artist of Color Program

As part of UW-L’s vision that diversity is central to providing and retaining a quality learning environment and sense of world community at the University, UW-L endeavors to bring four or more scholars/artists of color to campus a year. The purpose of a larger number of shorter visits (rather than semester-long programs) serves to increase the program's visibility on campus and increase the potential representation of individuals across the university.

Members of the academic staff of UW-L may nominate individuals to visit campus during the academic year.  A primary goal is significant interaction with students, faculty and staff by the visiting scholar/artist.  Travel costs and honoraria may be requested in the grant application (see below).


Deadlined: Proposals (Digital Measures) due to on

  • For fall semester scholars: second Monday in July
  • For spring semester scholars: first Monday in December

Next Deadline: Monday, July 14, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

  • Guidelines / Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Documents that you will need to upload to Digital Measures...
    • Proposal narrative - please refer to the RFP for proposal requirements
    • Budget - if you make changes to the budget template, please be sure to verify the formulas. IMPORTANT NOTES:
      • This is a universal budget template.
      • Not all categories listed will be allowable for Visiting Scholar/Artist of Color Grants.
      • Please refer to the RFP for allowable expenses.
    • Budget narrative - please refer to the
  • Having trouble with the grant submission process?  Please scroll to the bottom of the screen for an instructional video.
    • The uploading process comes first in the video
    • Approximately 5:15 into the video, it demonstrates report generation
  • Information for Deans / Division Heads - no signatures required as of Fall 2013
    • PIs should provide you with their proposal so that you may review it
    • If you approve, communicate your approval (verbally, email, etc) to the PI
    • When they upload their proposals, PIs will initial that you have approved
    • When they submit their proposals, you will be copied on that email
    • If you receive an email for a proposal that you have not seen and/or approved, you may contact ORSP at and request that the proposal be withdrawn from consideration.


Please email or contact the Provost's Office at 785-8042 if you have questions.