PK-16 Grants -- currently on hiatus

A total of $300,000 will be available for the 2011-2012 academic year to advance the TQI and TRRI.  These funds ($150,000 for TQI and $150,000 for TRRI) may be used to design and implement new projects as well as to support significant enhancements to existing initiatives (i.e., projects designed to evaluate impact of current programming or to expand an existing project beyond its current scope). 

Teacher Quality Initiative (TQI)

For the Teacher Quality Initiative, priority will be given to proposals that focus on the design and evaluation of performance assessments that align with the recently adopted common standards for Mathematics and English/Language Arts and PI 34 requirements and/or advance work initiated by the UW System FIPSE assessment project, including expanding on the work initiated in Math and Science and/or the incorporation of K-12 student learning.  Successful proposals will include partnerships among faculty from education and faculty and classroom teachers from the disciplines of Math, English/Language Arts, and/or the Sciences.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative (TRRI)

For the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative, priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate partnerships between relevant campus programs/offices (e.g., teacher education, admission, multicultural education, etc.) and local K-12 school districts.  Projects that directly address pervasive issues in recruitment and retention of minorities in teacher education (e.g., Pre-Professional Skills Test, PRAXIS II exams, mentoring) are highly encouraged as are those that recruit and prepare under-represented populations for high need/low supply teacher licensure areas (e.g., mathematics, science, technology, bilingual/English Language Learners, and Special Education).


Proposal Components - see website for details

  • Cover page - available on website
  • Abstract - one page double spaced
  • Project narrative - see specific requirements in each initiative's RFP
    • note - for work plan section, use the form provided on the website
  • Budget and budget narrative - use form on website
  • Vitae - project director only, should be a condensed one page curriculum vitae
  • Letters of support (optional)

Additional Information