WisMEF - Wisconsin Medical Entrepreneurship Foundation


WisMEF, the Wisconsin Medical Entrepreneurship Foundation, is designed to leverage the resources and research expertise within UW System with the state's leading health care providers to speed medical innovation and advance patient care.

Applications are always welcome.  All disciplines related to fostering medical technology development may apply.  UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee researchers are not eligible.


  • UW-La Crosse
    • UWS Grant Transmittal form required - allow time for routing
    • UW-La Crosse deadline - due to ORSP (220 Morris Hall) 10 calendar days prior to your planned submission date
  • UW System submission deadlines:
    • No specific deadlines currently exist
  • UW System submission process
    • contact WiSys for more information
    • ORSP must receive a copy (electronic preferred) of the final draft that is submitted to WiSys.


Proposal Components - none listed

  • contact Maliyakal John at WiSys for details

Additional Information