2003 Classified
Excellence Breakfast

The UW-L campus gathered in Valhalla Hall to celebrate
the many contributions of classified staff on Friday, October 3, 2003.
Classified staff members who reached five-year milestones were
recognized by Chancellor Douglas Hastad.





5 & 10 Year Award Recipients
L-R)  Seated:  Blake Wortham (5), Sue Lee (5), Linda Ghelf (5), Anne Babich (5)
(L-R) Standing:  Pat Lesky (5), Randall Page (10), Kathy Olson (10), Robert Meyer (10)

Not in Attendance:   Daniel Ecke (5), Richard Heath (5), Gary Johansen (5), Edith Melde (5), Terrance Revels (5), Cheryl Rice (5), Todd Tarnow (5), Chao Vang (5), Lee Yang (5),
Ronald Button (10), Jason Gray (10)













15 & 20 Year Award Recipients
(L-R)  Seated:  Ingrid Iverson (15), Orlean Houser (15), Helen Ewoldt (20), James Aalseth (20),
(L-R)  Standing:  Becky Yoshizumi (15), Gloria Weiner (15), Steven McCabe (20), Janet Knutson (15)

Not in Attendance:  Mary Borland (15), Linda Philips (15), Johanna Stephenson (15),
Jean Bonde (20), Norman Brudos (20), William Olson (20), Randy Otto (20)







25 Year Award Recipients
(L-R)  Seated:  Cheryl Groth, Susan Grebel, Ralph Ghelf, Cynthia Curran
(L-R) Standing:  Sally Sloane, Shirley Shufelt, Phillip Quackenbush, Patti Parker

Not in Attendance:  Lloyd Arenz







30 Year Award Recipients
(L-R)  Seated:  Thomas Gromacki, Charles Forer
(R-L)  Standing:  Linda Sondreal, Diane Jorstad

Not in Attendance:  Mary Clements







35 Year Award Recipient
Patricia Clements pictured with Chancellor, Douglas Hastad




Thanks to ALL classified staff members!


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