Employee Assistance Program  (EAP)


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees (regardless of appointment percentage and including limited term and project employees) and their immediate family members, including domestic partners. The EAP provides professional, confidential assistance to help individuals resolve concerns that affect their personal lives or work performance. UW−La Crosse cares about its employees and recognizes that work performance can be affected by problems related and unrelated to your job.


In order to help employees work through these problems, UW−La Crosse has contracted with Associates in Counseling. Up to five sessions with a counselor are offered at no direct cost to employees or their family members. Confidentiality is the foundation of the EAP. No information may be released to any other person about an employee's participation without his/her written permission. Participation is protected and covered by state and federal laws. For limitations to this confidentiality, the employee should talk to his/her counselor.


More information about the EAP is also available directly from http://lacrossecounselingclinic.com/


To schedule an appointment, please call 608-782-1117 or email lacrossecounselingclinic@gmail.com