Leave for Bone Marrow/Human Organ Donation Policy


Wisconsin Act 125 provides for special leave provisions for state employees if they elect to donate either bone marrow or human organs.  A leave of absence of 5 workdays is granted to any employee for bone marrow donation and a 30 day leave is granted to any employee for the purposes of human organ donation.  The employee must provide written verification of the procedure.  An employee who is granted a leave under this section shall receive his or her base salary without interruption.  Additionally, for the purposes of determining seniority, pay or pay advancement or performance awards and for the receipt of any benefit that may be affected by a leave the service of the employee shall be considered uninterrupted by the leave of absence.



To request a leave for these purposes, the employee needs to complete the “Notification of Intent to Donate Bone Marrow or Human Organ” form.  This form must be returned to Human Resources prior to granting the leave. 


Additionally a second or third shift classified employee should consult with Human Resources for additional information prior to being impaneled.


Limited Term Employees (LTE) may serve on jury duty but will not be compensated by UW-L during jury duty service.