Classified Vacation/Annual Leave

Vacation Frequently Asked Questions


How much vacation time will I earn?

After completion of the initial 6 months of employment, full-time employees are eligible for one of the two annual leave scales.

Persons employed less than full-time earn vacation prorated according to the percentage of their employment (only includes time in pay status)

What if I am a probationary employee?

Employees earn vacation during their initial six-month probationary period but cannot use vacation until they have completed and passed their probationary employment.

How can I use my earned vacation time?

Vacation scheduling requires supervisor approval. Vacation time should be scheduled and used in the year in which it is earned. 

What if I am unable to use my yearly allotment?

Up to 40 hours (prorated to an employee’s appointment percentage) of vacation that cannot be scheduled due to work load demands will automatically be carried over until December 31 of the next calendar year.

What if I have more than 40 hours?

Hours in excess of 40 hours (prorated to an employee’s appointment percentage) requires an employee to submit a Classified Vacation Carryover Request form which is available at the Human Resources website. The form must be signed by the supervisor and submitted to the Human Resources before the end of the calendar or the excess hours will be lost.  See also other vacation options for classified employees for more information.

How is vacation carryover recorded on the time report?

An employee who has vacation carry over will see VC designated on his or her earning statement.  The employee does not have to designate VC on the time report.  The payroll system will use vacation carryover (VC) first until it is gone. 

When does vacation carryover expire?

Vacation carryover hours that are not used by June 30 of the next calendar year will be lost.

What happens to the vacation I've earned if I terminate employment?

Annual vacation will be prorated to your termination date, and any remaining balances will be paid in a lump sum on your final pay check.


Please contact the Classified Payroll & Benefit Specialist or Classified Human Resources Manager at 785-8013 for questions.