Executive Order #54

How can I tell when Executive Order 54 applies?

Executive Order 54 applies when an employee observes or learns of an incident of child abuse or neglect. Click the headings below to learn how to identify when to report.

Am I an Employee?

  • Employee is any UW-La Crosse (UW System) employee; including students, staff, and faculty.

Am I dealing with a child?

  • Child - For purposes of reporting child abuse and neglect, a “child” is a person who is less than 18 years of age.

Is there concern of abuse or neglect?

  • Manufacture of Methamphetamine

    • Manufacture of Methamphetamine (meth) is child abuse  under any of the following circumstances:

      • With a child physically present

      • In a child’s home (includes the premises of a child’s home or a motor vehicle located on the premises of a child’s home)

      • Under any other circumstances in which a reasonable person should have known that the manufacture would be seen, smelled, or heard by a child


How to report an incident and what to expect when you determine a report should be made.


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