Inclement Weather Information
UW-L has an Inclement Weather Plan that provides guidance to the campus community when conditions make travel to and from campus treacherous or other events that cause serious safety concerns.
Additionally, the UW-L Inclement Weather Policy provides UW-L employees specific guidelines to follow.  Employees should follow the provision of the Inclement Weather Policy if the campus has a need to implement the Inclement Weather Plan. Details of the Inclement Weather Policy are indicated below.

UW-La Crosse Inclement Weather Policy

In accordance with Ch. 36, Wisconsin Statutes, the Chancellor has the authority to cancel classes, close the university to the public, or completely close the university to the public and employees. The Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) policy governs the effect of closure on classified staff.  Unclassified personnel rules govern the treatment of faculty and academic staff in the event severe weather causes the disruption or cancellation of work.


Classified employees who do not report to work, report late, or leave work before the end of the work day because of weather conditions will be allowed to make up lost time during the remainder of the work week, as much time as is beneficial to the work unit.  Make up time shall be at the regular rate of pay.  Classified employees may also take leave without pay, vacation, personal holiday, or compensatory time to cover the absence.


Unclassified employees may use available annual leave (vacation), ALRA, personal holiday, or leave without pay to cover inclement weather absences.  An employee and the employee’s supervisor may agree that the employee can account for the time of the absence in another manner consistent with the professional nature of the employee’s work assignment.