Accident Reporting
Worker’s Compensation Information


When an individual has been injured in the course of employment, they should report the injury to their direct supervisor.  Once the injury has been reported, there are three forms that should be completed to document the injury.  The forms to be completed are as follows:

  1.  The Illness and Injury Report which is completed by the injured employee.
  2.  The Employers First Report of Injury which should be completed by both the employee and supervisor.
  3.  The Supervisor Statement which should be completed by the injured employee’s direct supervisor.


These forms should be completed a soon as possible after the injury and sent to Human Resources for processing.  The original documents will be processed and sent to the Office of Safety and Loss Prevention in Madison.  Based on this information, they will attempt to make a determination on whether to accept or deny the claim. 


If the injury requires medical treatment and results in medical claims that must be paid, the injured employee should also complete a Medical Release Form.  This form will be used to gather the necessary medical information used to make a claim determination.  It is to the employee’s advantage to complete the necessary forms as quickly as possible to avoid delays in benefits.  Any questions/concerns should be directed to Human Resources by direct contact in 144 Graff Main Hall or by telephone at 785-8013.