Exiting UW-La Crosse


Guide for Exiting Employee


As you leave UW-La Crosse to start a new chapter in your life, there are responsibilities that you have to ensure a successful employment separation process.  This Guide and the Exit Checklist are presented by Human Resources to provide you with the tools to help manage your exit from UW-La Crosse. 

Employees leaving UW-La Crosse for any of the following reasons should follow the exit guidelines:

  • Retirement

  • Resignation

  • Non-renewal of contract

  • Obtained employment with another Wisconsin agency

Prior to your last day

  • Print out the Exit Checklist. 

    • You will need to complete the tasks listed in the Employee section of the exit checklist.  Your supervisor will work with you to ensure that all tasks listed in the Supervisor & Employee section are completed, as well.  (Not all items on the Exit Checklist will apply to every employee.) 

    • Once the checklist has been completed in its entirety, including signatures, it is your supervisor’s responsibility to submit it to the Human Resources office.

  • Set up an appointment with the Human Resources Benefits Coordinator:

    • The Benefits Coordinator will assist you in completing required paperwork, reviewing your benefits, and answering benefit related questions.  Please contact Human Resources: 608/785-8013

    • The Benefits Coordinator can also assist you with your final leave amounts and setting your last day if you plan to use leave time during your final weeks.  Final time reports or leave reports should be prepared and submitted to your supervisor prior to your last day on campus.

  • Submit a written resignation/retirement notice (except if you have received a notice of non-renewal):

    • As a professional courtesy, please provide your supervisor with a letter of resignation/retirement a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your last day on campus.  At the same time, a copy of this letter should be sent to Human Resources, 144 Graff Main Hall. 

    • Discuss with your supervisor about using your remaining leave time (if applicable) and scheduling your last day on campus. 

    • Your resignation/retirement notice letter should include your date of resignation/retirement and your last day on campus.

    • If you are unsure of how to write a resignation/retirement letter, we have developed a template for your use.

    • Note:  If you have accepted employment with another Wisconsin state agency, please be sure to indicate this information in your letter in order to make your transition to the new agency as smooth as possible.

  • Review the IT Exit Procedures to understand when your accesses to UW-La Crosse IT systems will be terminated.

During your final days on campus

  • Print and/or save your earnings statements, W-2’s, retirement statements, etc. from the My UW System Portal.  You will not have access to the Portal when you are no longer employed at UW-La Crosse.

  • Update departmental procedures manual or processes that require unique steps to perform your job and should be recorded for the person who will take your place.

  • Work with your supervisor on transition of work in progress, projects, etc.

  • If applicable, submit grades to the Registrar, or if you will not be on campus, work with your supervisor to have the grades processed.

  • Provide closure to your commitments to UWL Foundation, United Way, ERA, etc.

  • Forward your personal emails from your @uwlax email account.

  • Clean work space and desk of personal belongings

  • TowerOne card (ID card): This card is your property and does not need to be returned to the university.  Your access to rooms and buildings on campus will be deactivated after your departure.

  • Cancel any deductions, if applicable (i.e. Parking pass, Eagle Rec membership, meal plan, etc...)

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