UW-La Crosse Benefits at a Glance


Various benefits programs offered at UW-La Crosse vary slightly based on employee type.  Use the guide below to understand the different employee types.


Classified positions fall under the State of Wisconsin civil service system and are primarily clerical and support staff positions Unclassified positions include faculty, administrators, instructional and non-instructional academic staff, and graduate assistants
Classified employees are governed by the State of Wisconsin Compensation Plan and classified bargaining units Unclassified employees are governed by the State of Wisconsin Compensation Plan
Classified employees are paid biweekly on Thursdays at an hourly rate that falls within the pay schedule and range for their title. Unclassified employees are paid a monthly salary on the first of the month on either a 9-month pay basis (academic employees) or 12-month pay basis (annual employees)


Below is a brief description of the benefits offered at UW-La Crosse. Click the heading for more information including eligibility, plan costs, etc.


Retirement & Savings Plans

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is the retirement system for all public employees in Wisconsin.  Those eligible for WRS will contribute a percentage of income to the WRS that is matched by the employer. WRS not only provides retirement income but also provides disability, separation, and survivor benefits.


Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program and the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program both provide tax-deferred ways to make supplemental retirement investments with no employer matching.


Health, Dental, and Insurance

State Group Health Insurance offers several HMO plans and a PPO plan to eligible state employees for a fairly low employee premium.  The two HMOs available for La Crosse county residents are Gundersen Lutheran and Health Traditions.


EPIC Benefits+ is an additional insurance plan offering dental benefits, orthodontic for dependents under 19, a hospital/surgical benefit, and a vision option beyond what is provided in the State Group Health plan.


Dental Wisconsin is a plan that offers two coverage levels (Select and PPO) designed to work in conjunction with the State Group Health dental coverage and includes some orthodontic coverage for dependents under age 19.


VSP Vision Insurance provides an annual eye exam (which are also covered under some State Group Health plans), and helps offset the cost of frames, lenses, and contact lenses.


Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) is a voluntary program that allows you to save money pre-tax that can be used for medical care coinsurance, prescription copays, and dependent care. (note: the medical expense and dependent care ERA programs are separate programs and require separate enrollment)


Federal Health Insurance Marketplace (or Exchange) is a new option for people to obtain health insurance.  If you have State Group Health Insurance coverage through your UW employment, you do not need to enroll through the Marketplace or take any action, unless you choose to do so. You may want to review the plans available through the Marketplace to see if they may better suit your needs.


Life and Accident Insurance

State Group Life, Individual and Family Group Life, and UW Employees, Inc. are the three voluntary life insurance plans available to most UW-La Crosse employees.  Each has a unique premium/coverage table based on age and/or income.

University Insurance Association (UIA) is a life insurance program that carries one annual deduction and is mandatory for those unclassified employees who qualify.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) is voluntary coverage that pays benefits for accidental death or dismemberment injuries.

Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) is a voluntary disability insurance program that provides you with income while you are temporarily or permanently unable to work due to short- and long-term disabilities.  Premiums are based on salary and University contribution to premiums is dependent on waiting period selected (unclassified) and accumulated sick leave balance (classified).


Leave Benefits

UW-La Crosse offers a variety of paid leave including sick leave, personal holiday, legal holiday, and vacation, dependent on appointment percentage and employee type. For more information about leave time feel free to contact Human Resources.



Visit the University of Wisconsin System benefits page for detailed information about each of these programs.