Guide to Onboarding - Supervisor


Congratulations on hiring your new employee!  As a supervisor to a new employee, it is your privilege to help welcome your new hire to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  You will play a particularly active, very important, role in onboarding.  Onboarding is a process that begins prior to an employee’s start date and extends well into their first year of employment. 


Most new employees come to UW-L full of expectation and enthusiasm.  This fresh eagerness can either be nurtured or defeated depending on the first few days and weeks at the University.  It is a time when new employees learn and develop perceptions about the University, other employees, their job, responsibilities, and their supervisors.


Do you remember your first days as a new employee?  It was probably an exciting, yet somewhat hectic, time.  With your assistance, and that of the Human Resources Office, your new employee will be able to succeed in their new position sooner and feel a closer connection to UW-L and the La Crosse area.


Below is a checklist to assist you in your preparations for the arrival of a new employee.  Please feel free to add or remove activities based on your department/unit’s needs.  Supervisors should work with their department/unit administrative support staff so as to not duplicate efforts.

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