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Kronos is a new software program being used at UW-La Crosse to keep track of hours for student workers. This podcast was developed to train the students and their supervisors on how to use the program.

Digital Measures is the company contracted by UW-L to provide a database for faculty and instructional academic staff activities. The reporting functions are used for annual reports, retention, promotion, and IAS renewal. In addition, departments may choose to use it for merit and/or post tenure review processes. This podcast was developed to train the users of this database.

SPSS is a software program used in our Introductory Statistics course. In this podcast, one of the professor's for the course explains to his students how to use SPSS for a particular application.

This is one of the digital learning objects created to help education students prepare for the PRAXIS exams. They include multiple features which allow students to explore subject specific Questions from a variety of learning perspectives. One feature, the ChalkTalk, is a podcast of the problem solution.

Spanish Chalk-Talks A few Chalk-Talks have been converted to Spanish (the voice portion).

    1. Chemistry Examples (Jamie Schneider)

In some courses, certain prerequisite material gives students particular trouble. In these podcasts, a chemistry professor reviews some prerequisite material originating with a powerpoint presentation. The difference between these two podcasts is in the settings used to record them. The first example uses a high sound quality recording and thus results in a larger file. The second example is the same podcast recorded with lower quality settings in order to make the file smaller.

Example 1.  Large File

Example 2.  Small File

    1. Calculus Examples  (Bob Hoar)

In the final two examples, a mathematics professor uses podcasts to guide students through the solution of particular calculus problems.

Example 1. Derivative

Example 2. Riemann Sum

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  • Jing

1.   Excel Example

This is a simple example to illustrate how a podcast could be used to describe features of a program like Excel. 

2.   D2L Example

Desire2Learn or D2L is a course management system, similar to Blackboard, that some UW-La Crosse faculty use to enhance face-to-face instruction or for complete course delivery. This podcast describes how to add a new student to a course in D2L.

3.   Explaining the SEI

The podcast was created in response to a question concerning how our campus computes a faculty member's SEI (Student Evaluation of Instruction) score. The SEI score is the fractional median of the response to a particular question on our student evaluation form. This gives an overview of what the fractional median is, and how it is computed.

4.    Math for Elementary Teachers Examples

Example 1: In this podcast, students will explore an alternative method to factoring quadratic expressions.

Example 2: This example shows future elementary school teachers how to score student work using a rubric by examining the level of understanding illustrated in a probability task.

  • Sketchcast

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  • "How-To" Examples

The following two podcasts are intended to guide you through the process of creating, editing and producing two different types of podcasts using Camtasia.

1.  How to Create Podcasts simlar to the Calculus Podcasts.

2.  How to Create a "Chalk-Talk" type podcasts.

Student Observations:

Podcast Backgrounds

Here you will find a number of simple backgrounds in a Word document that you may use to create a podcast of your own.

Podcast Backgrounds (for fun or practice)