A. Big Band:

1. Non - competitive (comments only) each ensemble will have a 30 minute time slot to perform and receive an on stage clinic.  Middle schools/Junior High schools must enter this category.
2. Competitive Ensembles will have a 30 minute time slot to perform and receive an on stage clinic. Note a change from previous years:  There will be no sight reading.
Schools choosing the competitive format will be placed in a class according to school enrollment. 
Class AA (1000 or higher)               Class A (600 – 999)           Class B(599 – less)   
If your school enters more than one big band your second (or 3rd) ensemble would perform in the next lower class or choose non-comp.  Example: Worlds Best High School (1200 students) Jazz I must enter Class AA, Jazz II could enter Class AA , A or Non Comp.  If there is a Jazz III would also enter Class AA, A or non-comp.
B.  Jazz Combos – Ensembles with 8 or fewer musicians. Combos have a 30 minute time slot and may choose to perform for comments only or competitive.  Combos are not divided into class.
SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded for outstanding performers as well as certificates recognizing individual talents regardless of performance category.
WORKSHOPS/CLINICS: Sessions presented for each instrument by members of the UWL Jazz Faculty and a Clinic with our guest artists.
SCHEDULE FOR DAY:  Performances by ensembles 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.: Workshops/clinics 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Concert at 7:00 p.m – Featuring UWL Jazz I, Outstanding ensembles from each class and Michael Janisch Quintet.
Big Bands $250.00  (Includes tickets to the evening concert for director, band members, and 2 chaperones)
Big Bands $230.00  (Does not include tickets to concert.  Tickets may be purchased individually for $5.00)
Combos $225.00

For questions contact Festival Coordinator: Karyn Quinn - kquinn@uwlaxedu, 608-785-6727