State Road Clean-up

April 18, 2009 was our date to help out at State Road Elementary, re-mulching the hiking trails.  We had so many volunteers that it didn't take very long for us to run out of mulch!  The event was fun, and we're looking forward to helping out again next fall.

After our work was completed, one of the teachers from State Road took us to the circle in the woods where he takes his classes and his Nature Club at State Road.  He told us all about the ways that he uses nature to enhance his teaching and further students' learning.  We all went away with even more appreciation for the hiking trails and the work we had done.

First, we loaded mulch onto stretchers with pitchforks...

Then we carried the stretchers full of mulch down the trail, depositing it where it was needed.

Volunteers came back with empty stretchers, and we started all over again!

Some of our lovely volunteers

The line of our cars parked near the head of the path

Ready for more!

Wheelbarrows were used as well...

The whole group of volunteers at State Road