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  • Employee Enrichment Day

    A day of informative sessions
    to enhance your working experience
    at UW-La Crosse.

    Tuesday, July 29 | 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

    Cartwright Center

    Free to all UW-L employees

    Carol Ebert

    Jason Kotecki

    • A great opportunity to network with campus colleagues.

    • Get motivated from keynote speakers:

      • "Living Low GI in a High GI World: A 10 Step Glycemic Stress Management Program That Could Save Your Life!" by Carol Ebert, Certified Wellness  Practitioner

      • "Escape Adulthood: Living and working with less stress and more success!" by Jason Kotecki

    • Informative sessions to help you get ahead at work and home. Sessions include: Employee benefits you may have missed; Safety tips for work and home; Staying sustainable in today's world; and more! 

    • Sessions will be repeated, so you may attend morning or afternoon time slots.

    Chancellor Gow welcomes all employees to attend Employee Enrichment Day; work with supervisors to ensure office coverage.

    Funding is provided by UW-L classified and academic staff professional development grants.

    Employee Enrichment Day is being organized by the following staff: Amanda Goodenough, Tammy Haakenson, Brad Quarberg, Kathy Ring, Cynthia Taylor, Bob Wilson, Becky Yoshizumi