Video Challenge

We are interested in learning about your interest in this course and we suspect that others will be interested in hearing your story as well. We want to hear from a broad range of individuals that are interested in this course. If you are willing, we will use your submissions to share the story of this class -- told from the your perspective. Put yourself on camera and tell us why you think this MOOC is a good idea.


Expected outcome

In July 2012, CNN asked its large community of iReporters to send in a video explaining how the Internet changed their lives. From connecting to families hundreds of miles away to sparking revolutions worldwide, iReporters filed stories on how their lives transformed because of the Internet. Those video submissions were edited into the mash-up video piece embedded here. We would like to use your submissions to create something similar.

What you need to do

It's easy. Use the camera on your phone, tablet or computer to record your one minute (or less) story. Begin with "I am interested in a MOOC because ______." When you are done, upload your video to YouTube and send us a link, or email the video file directly to



We are interested in seeing and hearing whatever you can send in whatever format you can submit it. We plan to make a mashup of some of the submissions, and our friends in Academic Technology Services would like to provide the following recommendations. Follow as many tips as you can, but none are required.

  • Use a steady, stable camera
  • Good lighting is important
  • Don't use music, it will be added later
  • External mic'ed audio is often better than audio from built in mics
  • Quicktime formats (.mov or mp4 files) will help with the editing
  • High Definition (HD) is the preferred setting

For more information contact Jim Jorstad, Director of ATS. Jeff Kerkman, Educational Multimedia Developer, will be editing the piece together. If your submission is too large to send via email, contact Jim or Jeff. You can see Jim in the upper right hand corner of the matrix of faces on the CNN report. Portions of his contribution to the challenge can be seen throughout the CNN piece. Jim recommends that you be creative. Don't be afraid to use metaphors or even interview someone on the street.