Board of Review Process

The Board of Review is a faculty committee whose purpose is to evaluate and guide the programs for all ME-PD students. Prior to the completion of nine (9) graduate credits, ME-PD candidates must complete and submit a proposal packet to the Board of Review. The proposal must include a list of chosen coursework, determination of a culminating project, and a professional statement. 

Completing the documents and the Board of Review process is an essential component of the ME-PD program; students who neglect to participate will be blocked from registering for continued progress on their ME-PD degree.

Each ME-PD candidate’s approved proposal acts as a guide through his/her chosen course of study. Once the process is complete, students will have a clear understanding of the specific requirements necessary the ME-PD degree.

Plan to complete your Board of Review proposal and presentation during your first or second semester in the ME-PD program. Waiting longer than this can result in blocked registration or extending the amount of time you need to complete the degree requirements.

You will be contacted by the ME-PD Graduate Assistant approximately six weeks before your Board of Review documents are due, and provided with templates and examples for each required component of the proposal packet. Please make an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible after receiving the documents; your advisor’s signature is required on the forms, and their assistance is beneficial in completing the documents.