Field Experiences

The typical ME-PD Initial Certification program contains three (3) semester-long classroom clinical experiences, and one semester of student teaching.

The ECE and Special Education Minors require an additional clinical as well as an additional semester of student teaching. Students who are pursuing licensure in more than one certification area may be required to complete additional clinical experiences and student teaching placements.

C-I 211, Clinical I Experience, must be taken concurrently with EFN 701: The Teacher and the Educational Community during the first Fall semester of an ME-PD- Initial Certification student's program.

Clinical II and III Experiences vary by program and by design. There are both traditional and Professional Development School (PDS) options available. These Clinical Experiences are intended to provide you the opportunity to observe veteran teachers and practice your own teaching skills in preparation for student teaching.

Your ME-PD program will culminate with a student teaching placement or student teaching internship.

ME-PD students are advised to visit the Office of Field Experience website to keep abreast of Clinical Information Sessions and Student Teaching Registration Policies and Deadlines.

Office of Field Experience

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