Board of Review Process

The Board of Review is a faculty committee whose purpose is to evaluate and guide the programs for all ME-PD students who are not seeking teacher certification. After completing this process, you will have a clear understanding of the specific requirements needed for the Master of Education-Professional Development degree. Prior to the completion of nine (9) graduate credits, ME-PD candidates must complete, submit, and present, in person, a proposal packet to the Board of Review. The proposal must include a list of chosen coursework, determination of a culminating project, and a professional statement. The Board of Review meets once each semester to hear proposals from ME-PD students.

Completing the documents and the Board of Review process is an essential component of the ME-PD program; students who neglect to participate will be blocked from registering for continued progress on their ME-PD degree.

Please meet with your academic advisor shortly after enrolling in ME-PD coursework to begin planning your coursework proposal. Plan to complete your Board of Review proposal and presentation during your first or second semester in the ME-PD program.

You will be contacted by the ME-PD Program Assistant approximately six weeks before your Board of Review documents are due. 

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