Individualizing your Program

The ME-PD non-certification option has the flexibility to meet the individual needs, intellectual objectives, and professional goals of a wide range of students and professionals who already hold baccalaureate degrees. Certified teachers seeking to meet desired professional advancement goals or students wishing to pursue a master's degree for other career goals may, with the assistance of an advisor, plan individualized programs of study in coordination with a prescribed set of four core courses.

Students typically choose two to three areas of concentration and have the freedom to create an interdisciplinary program of study. By completing the ME-PD program, students gain expertise in an area of interest. An ME-PD student's course of study should be planned based upon personal and professional aspirations and focused on two or more integrated goals.

Courses may be drawn from any UW-L department, as long each student's program meets the requirements of one of two options:

  1. 30 graduate semester hours, including at least 15 credits at the 700-level and completion of a seminar paper or thesis; or
  2. 36 graduate semester hours, including at least 18 credits at the 700-level and completion of an individualized comprehensive examination.

The ME-PD Director and academic advisors are available to assist the student in planning a course of study. The Board of Review must approve your course of study before the completion of nine (9) graduate credits.

Please see the graduate course catalog for course lists and departmental contact information.