Professional Development Program Policies

Each new Professional Development student will be required to sign a document listing these policies before they are eligible to register for courses.

Requirements and Policies for ME-PD Professional Development Students

Faculty Advisor Relationship

I understand that it is my responsibility to initiate and maintain an ongoing relationship with my academic faculty advisor throughout the course of my ME-PD program, and that failure to do so could result in blocked registration, delay in program completion, and other problems.

Grade Point Average

I understand my responsibility to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00 in all graduate and undergraduate courses.

Graduate Credits for Special Non-Degree Students

I understand that a maximum of twelve (12) UW-L special graduate credits are transferable to the ME-PD program.

Transfer Credits

I understand that a maximum of nine (9) graduate credits from other accredited graduate schools may be transferred into the ME-PD program. I understand it is my responsibility to request, in writing, that any credits be transferred, and to ensure that official transcripts are sent to the ME-PD office from the institutions in question. I understand that transfer of credits is not automatic; the ME-PD Director and Dean of Graduate Studies must review documentation to determine whether transfer credits are appropriate.

Culminating Experience

I understand that I will be responsible for completing an action learning project, seminar paper, or thesis with a 30-credit program of which 15 are at the 700 level, or an individualized comprehensive exam with a 36-credit program of which 18 are at the 700 level.

Extension and Workshop Credits

I understand that credits taken in University Extension Programs from UW-L or other institutions may be accepted toward an ME-PD degree provided that:

      1. I had been admitted to graduate study by an accredited institution and had written approval prior to completing the course in question; and
      2. The course is applicable to a comparable graduate degree at the sponsoring institution.
      3. No more than one-third of all credits applicable toward my graduate degree program may be taken in workshop or in one-credit courses at UW-L or other institutions.

Board of Review

I understand that upon completion of nine (9) graduate credits applicable to the ME-PD program, it is my responsibility to submit a written proposal for a course of study for presentation at the ME-PD Board of Review. I understand that my registration will be blocked if I neglect to participate in the Board of Review process.

Program Time Limit

I understand that I am allowed up to seven (7) years to complete my graduate program beginning the first semester I earn credit toward my ME-PD degree.

Program Withdrawal

I understand that if I am not enrolled in any courses for two (2) consecutive calendar years I will be dropped from the program. Students who wish to reapply after withdrawing must contact the ME-PD Director.

Minimum Number of 700-Level Credits

I understand that I am required to earn a minimum of fifteen (15) 700-level credits within a 30-credit graduate program, and eighteen (18) 700-level credits within a 36-credit graduate program in order to meet the requirements for an ME-PD degree.

Core Requirements

I understand that I am required to complete or request and receive waiver for the ME-PD core of courses.

Application for Graduation

I understand that it is my responsibility to apply for graduation online no later than two weeks after the start date for the semester in which I wish to graduate. I understand that my neglect to complete the forms required will result in a delayed date of graduation.

Special Notes: Each graduate student must assume personal responsibility in meeting all UW-L and ME-PD requirements as they pertain to his/her own graduate program. The ME-PD office staff is available to help students whenever possible, and encourages all students to contact the office by phone, in writing, or in person, whenever assistance is needed. Please refer to the UW-L Graduate Catalog for information and questions regarding specific courses. Should students require assistance in planning coursework, they should meet with their faculty advisors and/or the ME-PD Program Specialist or Graduate Assistant.