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The Precollege academic year offerings provide local youth with weekly tutoring and enrichment opportunities. Our outreach efforts serve African-American, Native American, Latino, and Hmong youth from around the area.  Over 125 UW-L undergraduate students from diverse ethnic backgrounds serve as tutors and mentors each semester.  Participants and college mentors within these programs constitute a unique community of cross-age, cross-cultural learners brought together for the purpose of educational advancement, cultural acknowledgment and social enrichment.

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Mentoring and Readiness for College (MARC) Program
Through a combination of tutoring, enrichment, and communication, our Mentoring and Readi­ness for College (MARC) program is designed to inspire students to attend college and become active members in their community, while taking a proactive role in their life choices. Part of our success is due to our low tutor to stu­dent ratio, while other strengths of this program reside outside the classroom. Beyond academics, this mentorship also exposes students to a num­ber of opportunities, organizations within the com­munity, and events on local campuses. We also strive to meet the academic needs of our students by communicating and collaborating with parents, teachers, and school administrators.
Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Ser­vices at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, The Mentoring and Readiness for College (MARC) program provides academic year tutoring and enrichment for multicultural and low-income students in the La Crosse and surrounding communities.
The purpose of this program is to assist youth in spe­cific academic subjects to help youth develop more effective study skills and to provide enrichment and recreational activities. College students and local professionals will promote understanding, self-awareness, cultural awareness, and appreciation among participating youth. Our college student staff members, volunteers, and adult professionals are from various backgrounds and in­clude positive role models who have the future of our youth as their highest priority.



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