Retention Programs


Early Academic Initiative

  • Students receive periodic information regarding academic deadlines, scholarship and employment opportunities, and special programs sponsored by OMSS and collaborating offices.

  • Many students also work with our staff members on a regular basis to receive academic, financial, and personal advising.

  • Staff members contact their students and share the services of the office and other campus resources.

  • The rapport built during this first year has been for most a positive experience that develops over the student’s years at UWL.

Grade Progress Review

  • The Grade Progress Review Program provides feedback from professors on how well multicultural students are doing in class.

  • We specifically request information on freshmen, new transfer and probationary multicultural students, as well as those with a cumulative GPA lower than 2.5.

  • Students receive the feedback and advising from OMSS staff.

  • If the student is not doing well in class an OMSS staff member will communicate the options that the student has, which are: talk to the professor about their progress, seek tutor assistance (departmental or OMSS) or drop the class.

Peer Tutoring

  • The program provides specific class tutoring to multi-ethnic UW-L undergraduate students upon request. (African American, Latin American, Naive American, Southeast Asian, and other Asians who are U.S. citizens or refugees)

  • Tutoring sessions are designed to meet the students’ needs with flexible hours and individual or small group sessions.

  • This service is free and is designed to support and complement tutoring offered by the various departments on campus.

  • This program too can be an employment opportunity for students that excel in specific courses.

  • For further information see UW-L | Multicultural Student Services | Peer Tutoring.