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Genetically Modified Organisms -- Global -- Page 4

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Europe's View

There is an overall disgruntled feeling in Europe towards Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair has even publicly announced his feelings on the subject. There are two main reasons that Europe gives for why they disagree with the implementation of GMOs. First, they feel there are multiple hazards to GMOs, and second, they feel there is irresponsible government behavior behind the policies of establishing GMOs on the market.Map of Europe

Europe’s opinion on GM foods should be a precedent for Americans. Not only are consumers more aware, their voices of opinion are strongly considered by their government. The Green parliamentary state secretary for consumer protection, food and agriculture in the German government, Matthias Berninger, sincerely believes that European consumers have the right to both food security and food safety. One of the results of consumer demand in Europe is the “Precautionary Principle.” This is a concept that demands the safety of food products to the consumer beyond a reasonable doubt. It challenges current scientific validation to prove to consumers that GE products are safe and healthy for consumption. Also, it gives consumers the right to choose by means of law enforced labeling. Europeans have also been outspoken about their preference for organic food. As a result of this demand, Germany has set a goal for their food production to be 20% organic by 2010. This is a dramatic increase from their present 3-4%. (The Herald) Looks like a step in the right direction!

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