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Events Date time  location
NASA Social/Potluck Thur. Sept. 6 6pm 1112 Centennial Hall
Welcome Back Cookout/Meeting Afterwards Wed. Sept 12 5pm Myrick Park, Main Shelter
9th Annual Great Dakota Gathering: Commemorating the Dakota Conflict of 1862 Fri.-Sun., Sept. 14-16 TBA Unity Park, Winona, MN
Multicultural Leadership Development Weekend Fri.-Sun., Oct. 5-7 TBA TBA (Featuring Camp Wellstone CommunityOrganizers)
Indigenous Peoples' Day Mon. Oct. 8 5pm Clock Tower
     March to Riverside Park  Mon., Oct. 8 5pm Clock Tower
     AL Gedicks presenter Mon., Oct. 8 7pm TBA
9th Annual ACT31 Widening the Circle Symposium Thur, Nov. 8-11 4 day events HMAA (Hmong Mutual Assistance Association)
The Lunda Center @ WTC
Rethinking Thanksgiving Thur, Nov. 15 6pm HMAA (Hmong Mutual Assistance Association)
NASA Day of Action TBA    
WIEA (Wisconsin Indian Education Association) TBA   Stevens Points
La Crosse Three Rivers Community Pow-wow TBA   Mitchell Hall
Celebration of Accomplishment Wed. May 1 5-6:30pm Valhalla, Cartwright Center
Honor Meal Thur, May 9 6pm TBA
Traditional Garden Spring to Fall   Onalaska
Wild Ricing Fall, TBA   TBA