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Criterion Committees

The Self-Study committees are organized around the core criteria required for NCA Accreditation.

  • Criterion 1 - Mission and Integrity
    Steering Committee Members Bob Hoar, Jay Lokken, and Al Thompson
    • Michelle Abing, Affirmative Action and Diversity
    • Ruthann Benson, Liberal Studies
    • Kenna Christians, Advancement
    • Mark Gibson, Exercise and Sports Science
    • Jon Hageseth, Couseling and Testing
    • Joe Heim, Polictical Science and Public Administration
    • Tom Hench, Management
    • Sharon Radtke, Finance and Administration
    • Barbara Rusterholz, Modern Languages
    • Karla Stanek, Career Services
    • Gubbi Sudhakaran, Physics
    • Dick Swantz, School of Education
  • Criterion 2 - Preparing for the Future
    Steering Committee Members Jodie Wagner and Ken Winter
    • Bob Carney, Finance
    • Billy Clow, Theatre Ats
    • Jim Jorstad, Educational Technology
  • Criterion 3 - Student Learning and Effective Teaching
    Steering Committee Members Scott Cooper and Betsy Morgan
    • Donna Anderson, Economics
    • Chris Bakkum, Liberal Studies
    • Sandy Grunwald, Chemistry
    • Beth Hartung, School of Education
  • Criterion 4 - Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge
    Steering Committee Members Gerry Cox and Greg Wegner
    • Don Campbell, Continuing Education and Extension
    • Kent Koppelman, Educational Studies
    • Bruce May, College of Business Administration
    • Tim McAndrews, Sociology and Archaeology
    • Dean Stroud, Modern Languages
    • Kim Voigt, Sociology and Archaeology
  • Criterion 5 - Engagement and Service
    Steering Committee Members George Arimond and Karen Mc Lean
    • Ruthann Benson, Liberal Studies
    • Beth Hartung, School of Education
    • Jan Gallagher, Business Development Center
    • Ned Reese, Multicultural Student Services
    • Larry Ringgenberg, Student Centers
    • Karla Stanek, Career Services
    • Penny Tiedt,Continuing Education and Extension
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