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Self Study

Under the guidelines of the North Central Association (NCA), the University’s accrediting agency, UW-L is required to undergo a self-study every ten years. Upon completion of the self-study, a report is prepared and submitted to NCA after which a team of evaluators is sent for an on-campus visit. The next NCA visit is scheduled for late spring semester 2006.

Last spring, Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted was named Self-Study Coordinator. She will oversee the gathering of evidence and draft a final report. A steering committee comprised of eleven faculty and staff members will work with Dr. Zeisler-Vralsted to gather evidence for the report.

The work of the Self-Study Steering Committee and their subcommittees is divided according to the five criteria NCA requires for accreditation. During the 2004-2005 academic year, the steering committee will collect data that match the core components listed within the respective criterion. A team of UW-L consultants will also assist committee members in gathering data.

As the steering committee responds to the NCA criteria, it will utilize the UW-L Strategic Plan's seven key focus areas. The focus areas are academics, student development, diversity, community, globalization, quality of life, and resources. It will frame responses around the appropriate focus areas. After collecting sufficient evidence to support each of the criteria, Steering Committee members will draft reports specific to the criterion their committees are working on. The criterion committees will complete their reports by mid-May 2005 and submitt them to the Self-Study Coordinator.

During the summer 2005, the Coordinator will write the draft Self-Study Report. Beginning Fall semester 2005, the draft Self-Study Report will be available for the campus community to review. The report will be posted on the website and paper copies of the report will be distributed at several campus locations. The campus community will have eight weeks to respond to the draft.

Once the campus review is finished, the Coordinator will make the final revisions of the report and submit the final Self-Study Report to the NCA. The final report must be submitted at least eight weeks before the on-site visit. When the NCA evaluators visit the campus in late spring 2006, the campus community will have another opportunity to participate as part of the evaluators’ visit is devoted to meeting with various UW-L constituencies. After the NCA visit, the campus will receive a report from the NCA evaluation team.

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